The AAMU-RISE Foundation also teams with companies seeking government contracts with HBCU partners who can provide ongoing research relative to emerging technologies.

We execute and fulfill contracts

The AAMU-RISE Foundation is the contracting entity for Alabama A&M University. Our business is research and development, which is critical to innovation because it is the investment in technology that enhances capabilities and transforms ideas into products, processes, and services. 

We are capable of serving as either a prime or subcontractor to manufacture products or provide innovative services that the U.S. government must have. In today’s fast-paced, dynamic environment, the government's urgent need to solve real-world, complex, problems demands the collaboration of diverse minds and resources. We are ready to collaborate.

Alabama A&M University is leading the way toward developing a workforce that is as diverse as the population, prepared with an array of  perspectives, views and ideas that add strength to a company’s ability to innovate for the future.

Innovation comes from the connection of diverse minds, diverse experiences, diverse points of view, all focused on a specific problem.  The AAMU-RISE Foundation encourages faculty on campus to not only connect with colleagues outside of their  departments, but to also connect with colleagues around the nation and globally.

 This diversity of thought will strengthen efforts to overcome the most pressing issues facing society in the 21st century.

"We're executing contracts on real-life, meaningful projects that matter."

Dr. Chance M. Glenn, Sr.

President/Executive Director

AAMU-RISE Foundation

Innovation is our goal.

The AAMU-RISE Foundation Mission

A Leading HBCU for R&D Contract Opportunities

AAMU-RISE Foundation

research - innovation - science - engineering

Founded in 2014, the Research, Innovation, Science and Engineering (RISE) Foundation at Alabama A&M University is established to  pursue and execute contractual  research and  development opportunities. This is achieved by:

  •  Developing and administering contracts executed by AAMU faculty and the university's affiliates;

  • Promoting and aiding in the fulfillment of the research, services, and educational functions of the university; and


  • Using and applying the whole or any part of income and principal exclusively for charitable, educational, and scholarly purposes.